We are in the industry to sell more affordable good quality Plastic Pallets for Export and Local use,

our Pallets are a standard 1200x1000x150mm Static load of 5000kg, Dynamic load 1500kg,

Racking Load 1250kg, the Pallets can be used in and around the Factory floor.

We have three different options in the same Pallet at three different prices, 1st option we have once off export Pallet,

2nd option, we have a more durable pallet for factory racking, 3rd option we have all round touch pallet with 36 durable inserts,

that makes this Pallet even more amasing. All our Options are very good, depending on what each client wants.

Our Pallets are compact and take up minimal space for transporting by separating the tops from the base of the pallet,

the tops fit into each other as well as the bottoms, that creates more space on your truck and reduces freight costs.

The Pallet can be assembled in 1,2,3 easy steps.